Learn Faster with Galileo Education

Galileo Education is a new educational tool provided by the WFNRS free to its members.  Galileo Education is a clinical decision support tool focused on teaching neuroradiological differential diagnosis to radiology trainees and practitioners. 

We believe radiology trainees will have a better understanding of the process of making a differential diagnosis, and will learn much faster with tools like Galileo Education. 

Using Galileo Education on a regular basis can accelerate and document trainee diagnostic skills.   Users will learn to look for important image features that are clinically relevant in medical imaging and to infer the correct diagnosis based on those features.

This web-based software product provides users a consistent and structured approach to the interpretation of brain MRI scans.  The application includes an image Key Feature check list; an inference engine to generate a radiographic differential diagnosis; a intuitive user interface that allows real time self-evaluation of diagnostic performance; and immediate access to complementary educational material provided through Radiopaedia.  Most adult neuroradiological diseases (124) are incorporated into the application. 


How does it work?

Step 1: User opens a brain MRI in their usual educational or clinical environment.

Step 2: User starts a new case in Galileo Education via WFNRS direct link. He or she reviews Galileo’s checklist of image Key Features and reports the state for each of these features using the simple UI.

Step 3: Using the Diagnosis Menu, the user enters their top three differential diagnoses for the case.

Step 4: Galileo Education then displays its calculated top three differential diagnosis, and highlights the users’ diagnosis that are in agreement.

Step 5:  User can share a link to a case and discuss with others.


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